720/480 LED RGB OR White Fountain Ring

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The 720 LED Floating Water Fountain-- An energy-efficient water feature enhancement. A floating conversation piece. Illuminate any water feature in beautiful color-mixing shades and add vitality to any ordinary landscape with the 720 LED Floating Water Fountain.

Magic Pond floating water fountain ring is available with 12 clusters of 60 RGB color changing LED's (720 total). It is also available with 12 clusters of 40 white LED's (480 total). The kit includes a floating ring, 33' cord and an UL transformer. Available in solid white LED's or RGB color changing. 

Lighting effects include slowly color changing, two color effects, three color effects and solid colors of Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Yellow. You power cycle the fountain ring to the desired effect. The ring will retain the memory of the last effect it was on when powered off

  • Ring outside diameter: 19" 
  • Ring inside step diameter: 4" 
  • Ring inside hole diameter: 1 3/4" 
  • Ring thickness: 5" 
  • Center fixture hole: 1.5"(Max. nozzle or pipe diameter) 
  • 12VAC Transformer with 33' cord included





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