LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting

Flexible LED Color Light Strips not only light almost any space, they create ambiance and style with energy-efficient LED lighting. These flexible LED strip lights can be cut so they fit well into many unique indoor spaces. These UL Listed strips are ideal for accent lighting and any home lighting, and no color controller is needed. You’ll be thrilled with the color and excitement you can add to your business with flexible strip lights, whether in:

a restaurant to create a mood
a bar or club to enhance the vibe
a shop to create eye-popping windows and displays
a custom display or presentation

These UL E360099 Listed strips come in RGB, White, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, and are ideal for kitchen cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting, and any home lighting, as well as for lighting coves, valances, doorways and other hard-to-light nooks and crannies. Flexible LED Strip Lights have a wide 120° beam angle that ensures they light evenly and do not cast shadows on surfaces.

This low-voltage UL E360099 Listed Strip is easy to install and produces little heat, which means you don’t have to worry about shock or fire danger. It has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, and though it lives on a carbon diet, its low wattage translates to lower emissions and a $3 per-watt operating cost if left on for an entire year. Use this strip three or four hours per day, and it will last over 40 years!

You will find Wiedamark’s Strip Lighting far superior to less expensive alternatives on the market with the following advantages:

UL Rated–This product has been through rigorous testing and meets the strong electrical standards of UL.  You can count on it being safe.
High quality Taiwan Epistar LED’s.
Unique Silicon hollow tube that makes it outdoor rated as well as providing a superior heat sink for the product.  TPU coating (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) used by other manufacturers is less flexible and does little to protect the strip from heat.
The product is 24VDC vs. 12VDC which makes it about 20% brighter.
Available in both 5 & 10 meter spools.
3 Year Warranty!

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