Minleon RGB Triklits

Minleon RGB Triklits

Minleon Triklits are robust commercial grade RGB light nodes consisting of 42mm (1.6inch) high impact polycarbonate spheres spaced on an integrated power and control line. Each node can be individually controlled and synchronized with the string, series of strings, and with other Minleon light products in a display.

TrikLits are controlled by one of a number of optional controllers that function with integral automated programs, custom sequences accessed from standard SD cards, or directly via computer. Multiple effects and programs can be run in series, randomly, timed, or synchronized to music or voiceovers.

Triklits leverage the efficiency of LED technology running on less than 30 ma of 12V DC power in a commercial-grade waterproof system for maximum safety, longevity, and energy savings. Node strings and arrays can be configured in an infinite variety of designs using Minleon’s complete line of integrated accessories and peripherals. TRIKLITS are strings of color-changing lights designed for decorative lighting.

Download PDF that provides an overview of Minleon RGB fixtures and their control options.

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