Fiber Optic Pond Lighting

Fiber Optic Pond Lighting

These Fiber Optics Garden Lighting Kits include all of the components necessary to provide modern illumination for your outdoor space.

The main benefit of fiber-optic lighting is safety: Fiber optic lights can be safely placed in and around water without danger of electrocution. The absence of electrical current in the cable allows for the lighting of waterfalls in and around pools without risk to swimmers and bathers. The only electrical component of the entire system is used to power a single halogen light inside of a weatherproof housing which can be placed distant from any water feature.

Another aspect of the safety these lights afford is the absence of heat they generate—making them safe for fish such as Koi. In addition, they can be placed in and around plants, flowers, and other potentially heat-sensitive objects without the risk of damage to them.

A significant advantage of these lights over conventional low-voltage lights is their ease-of-use. If the light goes out you don’t have to wade into the pond, retrieve the light, figure out how to open the fixture, change the light, and reseal the gasket: All you have to do is change a single low-cost bulb inside the illuminator (located on dry land). As far as setup is concerned, all you need to do is plug in the illuminator source, and run the fibers to where you require illumination.

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