RF Wireless LED Dimmer White Strip Kit

: $285.00


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Warm White
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The kit includes the following:  5 or 10 Meter spool of UL White Strip Lighting, 24VDC outdoor rated power supply, LED Wireless Wall Dimmer & a 24VDC Receiver. 

Wall Dimmer Features
  • Reliable & stable switch and dimming control function, control range≥20M.
  • Battery in the remote is with long life span. It normally can use for 5 years.
  • Switch on/off of lightings slowly, without any flash, meet the comfort of human eyes.
  • Dimming range 0.1-100%.
  • Use with power repeater to expand the output power unlimitedly.
  • 256 levels logarithmic dimming, ideal for human eye sensitivity to lighting, dimming smoothly without any flash.
  • Enable to control 1 zone
  • Rotary adjustment, simple and friendly-use.
Requires a receiver that is connected to the the strip lighting and is included in the price.  Download user guide.

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