6" LED Rechargeable RGB Tricolor Base RF Remote Controllable

: $29.00

The 6" base as 23 super bright tricolor RGB LEDs which run for 8 hours with built-in rechargeable Lithium batteries. It also has an optional 3 * AA batteries or adapter power capability. This light base can be placed under any transparent or translucent object you need to illuminate. They ship with an adapter to recharge the batteries.  A RF remote controller is ordered separately.  One remote can control multiple lights and also program them in groups.
  • Non-slip grip top
  • On/off switch on side of unit
  • 6 in. diameter x 1.5 in. high
  • Sleek pearl white finish
  • 23 super bright tricolor RGB LEDs
  • 13 fixed colors, color fading & color changing 

Download user manual and spec sheet.

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