Zip Tied Bundles

Zip Tied Bundles

Wiedamark manufactures our fiber bundles in our facility in Dallas, Texas. We offer bundles in any length up to 32′. We offer bundles with 1-4 different size fiber stars to give your ceiling a more realistic effect. The biggest change in our bundles has been the way we can organize the bundles for you. Most fiber bundles on the market are tightly wrapped and have to be carefully sorted at the beginning of a project in order for them not to become a tangled mess.

This is a very tedious process that some do better than others but everyone complains about it’s difficulty. See comments below from one of our customer Aron Hoekstra regarding this process.

Another Wiedamark customer also found zip ties to be the best way to organize your bundles.  He wrote “One of the most tedious things about the project is trying to pull individual strands from the bundle to install while keeping the rest of the strands from tangling.”

Taking cues from our customers, Wiedamark now offers zip-tied bundles on every kit that will save you several hours of your and major frustrations.  We zip tie 24 fibers per bundle at 4′ integrals and keep the larger sizes separate to make it easier for you to find them for your project.   You can save money and organize them yourself, or save on labor and have Wiedamark prepare them for you.

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