Magnitude 200W 24VDC LED Dimmable Driver

: $105.50
This is a compact LED driver with a magnetic transformer core. It is equipped with one push-to-reset circuit breaker on the output, which protect both the load and driver. The driver is encased in a coated metal box that includes 2 knock-outs on the bottom to enable easy installation that complies with electrical code requirements. Low operating temperature. Acoustic humming and buzzing free. Push-to-reset circuit breaker on output. Works with low voltage TRIAC dimmers. Two bottom knockouts. ETL and CSA listed. UL standard 8750.

Magnitude’s AR-Series (auto-reset) of dimmable magnetic DC drivers are built especially for LED systems. They provide the following benefits: 
  • Auto-Reset Circuit Breakers – The AR-series offers breakers on both the input and the output. 
  • Compatibility – There are no minimum load requirements when used with a dimmer. The drivers cause no flicker or any of the other side effects that can result from a lack of synchronization between voltage mode drivers and PWM low voltage drivers in the light fitting. 
  • Perfect Dimming – Fully compatible with low voltage dimmers, in contrast to voltage mode drivers that balance the voltage in the system and prevent the dimmer from working. 
  • Lower Power Consumption – Bring about an improvement in efficiency of 15%, due to the avoidance of unnecessary double conversion in the circuitry. 
  • No RFI Issues – Operate at a perfect 60Hz sinus wave, therefore they produce no radio frequency interference whatsoever.
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