72 RGB LED Submersible Light

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The future in outdoor color-changing submersible lighting has arrived. The 72 LED RGB Submersible light features 72 Red, Green ,and Blue LED's, waterproof copper-cast housing, and an in-line controller for 10 color program modes to choose from. Programs include single color, multi-color, auto-changing color, and ON/OFF. With a 12Volt Transformer, 33 feet of submersible cord, and power consumption of less than 10 Watts, this is a solid-state fixture that is excellent for pond lighting, fountain lighting, interior spot lighting and more. The 72 RGB Submersible Light is 3"(diameter) x 1 3/8" (height).

Please note: Custom power cord lengths are not available for this product. 

The controller features the following programs to choose from: 
  • Solid colors white, red, blue, green 
  • Multi Color including Red/Yellow, Yellow/Blue, Red/Blue Color Wash with a 40 second gentle cycle 
  • Color Changing with 3 second intervals 
  • Flash where all colors change every 0.8 seconds. 

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