32 Channel DMX Decoder

32 Channel DMX Decoder


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Product Description

The DMX Decoder-Studio 32 Channel – 3A per Channel is a 32-channel DMX decoder designed for professional high power applications. It is capable of handling three amperes per channel with all channels driven, meaning up to 1,152/2,304W at 12/24V. The DMX-32-5000-3A interface includes RJ45, 5-pin XLR and terminal block connections for DMX in and out. The terminal block connection also serves as a DMX signal amplifier to ensure clean data transmission over long distances. Top-mounted DIP switches are used for setting the starting DMX address, engaging DMX termination, selecting the output PWM frequency and determining the DMX resolution. For extremely sensitive applications, the DMX Decoder-Studio 32 Chanel can utilize 5kHz PWM to avoid on-camera flicker and accept 16-bit DMX input resolution for precise color mixing.


  • Converts standard DMX signals to PWM output for driving 12 or 24 VDC LED lighting.
  • High 32x3A power rating supports large installations up to 1,152/2,304 W at 12/24V.
  • Works with 12V and 24V LED lights.
  • 5kHz PWM frequency to avoid flicker when filming with high-speed iris cameras or 250 Hz for reduced heat when not used on film.
  • Switchable resolution: 8-bit for standard DMX or 16-bit for precise color mixing and dimming. Note: 16-bit mode uses two standard DMX input channels for each output.
  • Built-in switchable DMX Termination.
  • Top mounted mechanical DIP switch for easy access and setting the DMX address without power.
  • RJ45 and 5-pin XLR and terminal bloack connections for DMX signal in and out.
  • Terminal block DMX output includes a DMX signal amplifier for clean transmission through long cables.
  • Rugged chassis with integrated mounting tabs.

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