Large Lake Or Pond LED Floating Fountain

Large Lake Or Pond LED Floating Fountain


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Product Description

FJ-600 is a complete fountain set equipped with a pump with a capacity of 14,500 gph. The base is a floating circle that makes installation easy. All you have to do is place it in water and connect it to the power supply. Thanks to a unique design, it will float on water, but its elements will remain unnoticeable. The fountain operation is not dependent on the water level, tank size or bottom shape. Maintenance of the device does not pose any problem, for cleaning, it is enough to pull it to the shore without having to drain the water or enter it. The set will be perfect for ponds, lakes, or ponds. It will allow you to get amazing visual effects, enhancing the landscape of your garden, park, or other space where the water reservoir is located. Fontana has the function of creating three different water paintings up to 20′ wide and up to 12′ high. Using the remote control system, you can control the pump’s flow speed and timer at a distance of over 150 feet. Can be set up to 6 different timer settings per day. The outlet nozzle creates water streams forming the shape of a cup, volcano, or crown. Lighting with three LED lamps placed around the nozzle allows you to get interesting visual effects after dusk. The LED technology will enable you to save energy and does not cause heating of the diodes and, thus, the water around them. Besides, the safety level increases the voltage reduction to 12 V. In addition to the visual effects on your pond; the FJ-600 set performs another essential function; namely, it allows you to effectively aerate even large ponds with an area of 1000 m2. The set is equipped with a high-quality pump with a power of 540W and a capacity of 14,500 gph. Placing it in a steel housing and using a carbon-silicon shaft bearing and ceramic axis guarantees long-term durability. A steel mesh protects the water inlet to the pump from getting debris inside. Thanks to it, we can be sure that no dirt will interrupt the device and cause damage.

The most important features:
  • floating body
  • 3 x 6 W Warm White LED
  • durable and solid construction
  • 3 different water paintings
Technical data:
  • Fountain size: Ø36″(buoy diameter) x 20″(H) cm
  • pump capacity: 14,500 gph
  • pump power consumption: 540 W
  • power cord length: 100′ for pump and for the light ring.
Weight 100 lbs

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