240/360 LED Fountain Ring Pump and & Pipe/Nozzle Kit

240/360 LED Fountain Ring Pump and & Pipe/Nozzle Kit


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Product Description

LED light water fountain with extendable pipe, valve and pump. 30″ fountain pump nozzle kit, it comes with 3 spraying pattern nozzles (3 tier shape, umbrella shape & straight up shape), an extendable pipe (8″ range) and flow adjustable valve, pump connector size 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/4″. This fountain kit comes with our pump WPG2000 and our LED light ring and fountain nozzle kit.  Using the extendable pipe instead of the floater, you can adjust the highness to make the light ring and nozzle barely stick out of the water surface. Each pipe extendable range is 8″, it comes with a worm clamp for locking the needed highness. This is good for shallow ponds 3′ deep or less.  Flow valve works to control fountain spraying range and highness.

The LED Magic Pond floating water fountain ring is available with 6 clusters of 60 RGB color changing LED’s (360 total). It is also available with 6 clusters of 40 white LED’s (240 total). The kit includes a floating ring, 33′ cord and an UL transformer power supply.

Lighting effects include slowly color changing, two color effects, three color effects and solid colors of Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Yellow. You power cycle the fountain ring to the desired effect. The ring will retain the memory of the last effect it was on when powered off.

  • Ring outside diameter: 19″
  • Ring inside step diameter: 4″
  • Ring inside hole diameter: 1 3/4″
  • Ring thickness: 5″
  • Center fixture hole: 1.5″(Max. nozzle or pipe diameter)
  • 12VAC Transformer with 33′ cord included.


  • Red, green and blue LED changing lights or solid white
  • Playful patterns
  • Soothing, relaxing atmosphere





Additional Information

Weight 17 lbs
LED Color


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