ColorReach Powercore Gen2 123-000153-02

ColorReach Powercore Gen2 123-000153-02


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ColorReach Powercore gen2 combines all the benefits of LED-based lighting and control in an elegant fixture specifically designed for large-scale installations, such as commercial skyscrapers, casinos, bridges, piers, public monuments, and themed attractions. With levels of light output and projection never before achieved in an LED lighting fixture, ColorReach Powercore gen2 affords entirely new possibilities in exterior illumination.

  • Unique split design supports diffuser combinations. Each half of the fixture is individually addressable and controllable.
  • With an output of up to 8,488 lumens, light projection of up to 665 ft (202.7 m), and a 5° native beam angle, ColorReach Powercore gen2 offers unprecedented LED-based illumination of large-scale structures and objects.
  • Powercore technology rapidly, efficiently, and accurately controls power output to fixtures directly from line voltage. Philips Data Enabler Pro merges line voltage and control data and delivers them to fixtures over a single standard cable, dramatically simplifying installation and lowering total system cost.
  • Exchangeable spread lenses support a variety of photometric distributions for a multitude of applications, including spotlighting, wall grazing, and asymmetric wall washing.
  • High-performance LEDs offer rich, saturated color at significantly less cost for installation, operation, and maintenance than traditional light sources.
  • Rugged, slim-profile mounting bracket allows simple positioning and fixture rotation through a full 360°. Side locking bolts reliably secure fixture with a standard wrench.
  • Accepts a universal power input range of 100 240 VAC, allowing consistent installation in any location around the world.


ColorReach Powercore gen2 Product Guide

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ColorReach Powercore gen2 Installation Instructions

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Weight 50 lbs

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